Swarovski is a beautiful 5-year, purebred GSP.
Not that he cares one bit about his papers – he just wants to be as close to his humans as he possibly can be!
He is a loving boy who is great with kids, as he has been living with little humans for most of his life.

Swarovski does well with little dogs, but big dogs will need a meet-and-greet, as he hasn’t met many dogs is own size. He does not do well with other small animals like cats or livestock. Higher walls will be needed, as he has been known to go exploring (jumped 1,2m fences). He has no known phobias, and doesn’t have any issues with thunderstorms.

Swarosvksi would love to be taken into a home where he can be close to his humans, who live an active lifestyle – he loves a good run! Small kids to play with will be a bonus!

LocationWestern Cape (but can travel)