GSP Rescue South Africa

We are a volunteer-based organisation with our main focus on the rescue and responsible rehoming of Pointing dog breeds: mainly (but not restricted to) German Wirehaired Pointers, German Shorthaired Pointer/ English Pointers and Vizslas in South Africa. We focus on purebred dogs from these breeds as well as obvious cross breeds. We also network lost and found Pointing dogs; arrange for the safekeeping of stray dog; assist with information to support prospective and existing owners of these breeds and arrange walks to be enjoyed by owners and dogs.

To facilitate responsible rehoming of Pointing dog breeds in South Africa to homes that understand and love the breeds and can offer a home in which these dogs’ needs will exceedingly be met.

Not too long ago, the GSP (and some other pointing breeds) used to be owned mostly by a select few people who used them for their all round hunting abilities. Many people never heard of the breed, thus not many dogs were put into circulation and breeders were very selective about where they placed their pups. This is still the case with the more reputable breeders, who invest time and money in improving our beloved breed. Most of them have a very strict policy when it comes to prospective buyers.

We rehome dogs surrendered to us in a responsible manner. Our adoption donation ensures that each dog rehomed through us are sterilised, micro-chipped, vaccinations are updated if needed and dewormed. Home checks are done and we follow up with these precious dogs placed under our responsibility. We work with other shelters and rescue organisations and network dogs in our focus breeds to be rehomed through them. Our core members are situated in Gauteng and Cape Town and we have an extensive network and support system covering most regions of South Africa. We also work closely with selected breeders who we believe have responsible breeding programmes and work to maintain good breed standards – many of these breeders refer potential adopters to us and offer support in terms of breed understanding.

The breed has gained popularity and exposure and it is not hard to fall in love with the GSP’s good looks and awesome personality. The demand for puppies increased and people who have a “cute” GSP now consider themselves breeders. Puppies are sold to the wrong homes for the wrong reasons and a lot of the new owners find that they cannot cope with the demands of being a GSP owner. Of course there are various other reasons for wanting to rehome a dog. Whatever the reason for wanting to rehome a dog, we are always willing to assist without being judgemental.

Often owners try to rehome their dogs themselves and a lot of dogs find themselves on sites like Gumtree, OLX, Facebook etc as “free to a good home”. Experience has proven that owner-rehomings often end up in disaster. This is where the rescue team steps in. We ensure, through our strict adoption process, that these pups and very often adult dogs, are homed with people who know what they are committing to and to prevent these dogs from ending up in the wrong hands.