Terms and Conditions


On written confirmation of Adoption (“Confirmation of Adoption Date”), notwithstanding the fact that the dog may still be in foster kennels and/or with its present owner, the Applicant shall be liable for any and all veterinary expenses from the Confirmation of Adoption Date up and until the dog arrives at the Applicant’s home, and forever thereafter.

PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTE THAT: Should any provision and/or condition and/or term of this Agreement be breached by the Applicant, GSP Rescue SA has the right in its sole discretion to confiscate the adopted animal.

Please spare a thought for the often forgotten dogs that later land up in shelters and join the over 1 million dogs that are euthanised in South African shelters each year.  Seriously consider adopting one of them.  The adoption application form and contract HAVE to be completed in full.

The adoption fee is R1700.00 for adult dogs and R2000.00 for dogs/pups younger than 12 months. Immediate payment of the adoption fee is preferred. Direct payments can be made into our bank account:

Sandown branch
Account name: GSP Rescue SA
Account number: 1136 897062

Before you continue with the adoption application please take note of the following:

To be considered as an adopter, you must:

  • Be 21 years of age or older (provide proof of identification).
  • Have identification showing your present address.
  • Have the consent of your landlord in writing (if applicable).
  • Be able and willing to spend the time and money necessary to provide training, medical treatment and proper care of the dog.
  • We only home our dogs to homes where their existing pets are sterilised.
  • For the safety of our dogs we do require them to sleep inside at night and be a part of the family. If the dog is outside during the day, shelter in the shade will be required.
  • Under no circumstances do we allow any of the adopted dogs to be chained.
  1. In the event of this application being approved, inclusive of home check, meet and greet, and the Applicant paying the required adoption fee directly to GSP Rescue SA, the abovementioned Applicant agrees to adopt an animal from GSP Rescue SA subject to irrevocably agreeing and undertaking to comply with the following Terms & Conditions:
  2.  Should the adopted animal fall ill within 7 (seven) days of adoption with a deadly infectious disease (parvovirus/ distemper etc.), the Applicant will notify GSP Rescue SA immediately.
  3.  If the adoption application form and home check is approved, the Applicant shall drive to where the adopted animal is currently kept for a “meet and greet”.  Occasionally, the dog is brought to the Applicant, however these are rare exceptions when the present foster or owner of the dog is willing and able and they specifically wish to also see the premises where it is proposed that the dog will live.
  4.  “Meet and greets”, if in the same region, occur on NEUTRAL turf if introducing any existing dogs from the Applicant’s home.  Please understand that many dogs are leash-aggressive and owner-protective when on a leash.  The true nature of how these dogs will engage is if they are all introduced to one another one at a time (i.e. not all in the large enclosed “play space” at the same time).
  5.  The Applicant undertakes to notify GSP Rescue SA in the event that the adopted animal dies at any stage for whatsoever reason.
  6.  The Applicant will notify GSP Rescue SA immediately of any behavioral issues in bullet point format. This is to ensure that GSP Rescue SA can actively obtain input from positive reinforcement behaviorists which the Applicant is welcome to make use of, at the Applicant’s expense.
  7.  The Applicant understands that GSP Rescue SA cannot be held liable for any medical expenditure occurring after the animal/s has/have been adopted.  The Applicant is responsible for any medical expenses pertaining to the dog from the Confirmation of Adoption Date.
  8.  The Applicant undertakes to care for, love unconditionally and make their new adopted animal part of their family. The Applicant promises to ensure that the adopted animal/s is/are comfortable with suitable damp and draught-proof shelter of a reasonable size and to make sure that fresh food and water is provided at all times.
  9.  The Applicant undertakes to keep the adopted animal properly enclosed for a timeframe as long as may be required for the new companion to become accustomed with its new surroundings – the timeframe of such enclosure may vary from a couple of days to a couple of weeks depending on each animal.
  10.  The Applicant undertakes to ensure this animal receives the 5 basic needs namely, Food and Water, Shelter, Healthcare, Socialisation & Love.
  11.  The Applicant is to fit the adopted animal with a comfortable fitting collar (not tight) and name tag with full contact details on name tag which will be amended if contact details change. Similarly, the adopted animal must be microchipped and the microchip details are to be amended if physical address or cellphone number changes.
  12.  The Applicant understands that the animal MAY NOT be chained or fastened under any circumstances and must be allowed full access to the available property yard.
  13.  The Applicant undertakes to fully and yearly vaccinate the adopted animal. In addition, the Applicant will de-worm this animal every 6 months, do preventative treatment for other parasites (fleas, ticks and spirocerca lupi) and take it for its yearly vaccinations, the costs of which will be for my own account.  Monthly Milbemax® treatment is an approved preventative treatment for spirocerca lupi and a de-wormer and monthly Frontline or 8 month Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar are highly recommended for ticks).
  14.  Veterinary care for the adopted animal related to any medical condition, including emergencies and age-related conditions will be provided by a private veterinarian and NOT from welfare organisations.  It is a specific condition of adopting from GSP Rescue SA that a private veterinarian can be afforded.
  15.  The Applicant undertakes to ensure that the adopted animal is kept safely at the back of the property and/or inside house when the Applicant / caretaker is not home.  Too many dogs are poisoned or stolen because they are left at the front yard.
  16.  If for any reason the Applicant decides that he/she no longer wants the animal/s – the animal/s will be returned to GSP Rescue SA and GSP Rescue SA will be the first to be informed (no advertising of the dog on websites or Facebook pages nor on emails – these often place dogs in grave danger).  The animal/s will not be placed in a new home without the permission of GSP Rescue SA.  A new contract will be signed with the new proposed home and GSP Rescue SA, following the same rigorous process that the Applicant went through with GSP Rescue SA, and strictly subject to a home check.  Should the Applicant surrender the adopted animal (which must ONLY be to GSP Rescue SA), that Applicant and/or friends and/or family of such Applicant will not automatically qualify to lay claim to such animal a matter of hours, days, weeks, months or years later.  In such an instance, a new adoption application will be initiated in accordance with GSP Rescue SA’s procedures.
  17.  Please allow the adopted animal reasonable time to adjust to his or her new home.
  18.  The adopted animal may under no circumstances be subjected to tail docking, ear clipping, declawing or removal / cutting of vocal cords.
  19.  The Applicant undertakes to keep the adopted animal clean, safe and healthy to the best of their ability and to ensure that all necessary vaccinations are up to date.  Note that the forever home is responsible for all veterinary bills pertaining to the adopted animal with effect from the Confirmation of Adoption Date i.e. when written notice is given that the dog is announced as homed to the Applicant.
  20.  Applicant will advise GSP Rescue SA IMMEDIATELY if the animal has gone missing, been stolen, or has died.
  21.  GSP Rescue SA reserves the right to do further home visits at its sole discretion should it determine that it is in the best interest of the animal to do so or if GSP Rescue SA includes you in our periodic home visits where we stay in touch with forever homes by telephone, on email, and/or with repeat home visits.  GSP Rescue SA has the right to confiscate the adopted animal at any time at its sole discretion should it determine that it is in the best interests of the adopted animal to do so.
  22.  Should the animal be rehomed or surrendered without notifying GSP Rescue SA (which at all times reserves the right to be the only ones to rehome the dog), the adopter will be placed on our “not suitable for adoption” file and GSP Rescue SA will notify their affiliated rescue organisations and be entitled to post a notification on the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/553232744796519/
  23.  It is very important to GSP Rescue SA to ensure that every animal rehomed by ourselves is happy and healthy.  Accordingly, GSP Rescue SA would like periodic photograph updates on any animal the organisation rehomes (at least one photographic update in the first week following adoption, then once a month during the first three months following adoption, and thereafter once every 6 months for the duration of the animal’s lifetime).
  24.  GSP Rescue SA will not be held liable for any injury or damage caused by the adopted animal, whether to humans or other animals/pets/domestic workers/gardeners/children or any person or animal following the adoption date.