Horst is a gorgeous 5-year old boy with the sweetest nature.
He is extremely friendly and loving, and loves attention.
As a typical GSP, he is very energetic and loves to play.

He has been trained for bird hunting – land retrieval, but not for water retrieval
and is very social with other dogs and humans. He gets along well with dogs of all sizes. He can get a little jealous of other dogs in his space, so a meet-and-greet will be essential. He has shared a kennel with one of our female rescues, and there has been no issues.
He will not do well with cats, or other livestock like chickens or rabbits.
He can be boisterous with smaller children, as he is not used to having them around, but should do well with older children.
He has no known phobias.

Horst will be super happy with an active family where he can take part in their daily life and spend as much time with is humans as he can.