This boy is the biggest softie you can imagine! The minute you meet him, he just wants to give you kisses. The biggest danger this guy poses, is licking his humans to death!
In a 20-minute drive I had him next to me, his preferred seat was on the passenger seat right next to me, with his head on my arm for the whole ride!

He has a sweet and gentle temperament, and loves being around people.
He listens well and is very obedient. He is also a great running partner for the keen jogger amongst you, and he has the typical GSP-energy to keep you as fit as he is!

Chester is good with most other dogs, and even lived under one roof with a teeny tiny chihuahua!
He does like to chase birds though, so small livestock and other small furry friends will not be good roommates for Chester!
He is also good with children, but smaller children who likes to cuddle a lot, might overwhelm him a bit. So bigger children who understand that some dogs need space, will be ideal.

Chester will be an ideal dog for an active family that loves the outdoors – he loves being outside and going for a run and having a dunk in the closest body of water he can find!