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Available for adoption – Saartjie

**Available for adoption – currently in Gauteng, but can relocate**

Let us introduce two year, eight month old Saartjie. This girl is boisterous, spontaneous and full of mischief, as any young GSP can be. Saartjie is very affectionate and friendly toward people and will make an amazing companion for a family who can provide the stimulation and exercise that she needs. She wants to be part of the family and accompany them on all sorts of adventures. She can run out the gate when given the chance, so this needs to be worked on. Loud noises and thunder does not bother her at all. Saartjie does not like cats, had no exposure to livestock and farm animals or small dogs. My observation is that we should not place her where she may not be tempted to help herself to some lamb or chicken. Saartjie should be placed in a home with a large breed male dog of similar energy levels as hers.

Adoption notes:

If you are interested please contact us on [email protected] with any questions or to request an adoption application form. We will only respond to emails. Alternatively, you can complete our online application form:


Completed adoption form and full home checks apply. If you are in the same city / town, a play date with existing dogs would also take place.

Meet and greets / play dates can be arranged where practical.

We will make every effort to arrange / assist for transportation (at cost of new home) for re-homing in South Africa. The transport cost is in addition to the adoption fee.

An adoption fee of R1 700 per dog enable us place dogs that are sterilised, micro chipped, vaccinated (including kennel cough), and dewormed.