From his mom’s pen…

Bento came into our lives just over 3 years ago and immediately attached to me as his preferred owner. I think he likes the softer side of a woman 😂. A definite house lover, Bento will take any opportunity to be inside the house and doesn’t like to be outside on his own, especially if his person is on the other side of the door. He will take any opportunity to climb on a bed or couch if offered the chance and is just dying for someone to love and cuddle him. He will absolutely become his new persons shadow and they will never be alone with his amazing friendship and companionship by your side. 

Bento has a very strong hunting instinct which can make for fun visits to the park where laps in the lake often resulted in him almost catching a live duck or two. He had excellent recall (probably because he doesn’t like to leave his persons side) and is exceptionally trainable – picking up on new skills and command very quickly. He really just wants to he loved and aims to please. 

We recently discovered that Bento doesn’t like loud sounds of any kind and so a quieter suburban life, with lots of exercise and opportunities for love and attention might suit him best. 

Bento isn’t an exceptionally confident dog. Perhaps this is where his need to be with human all the time comes in. Having said that he is a very social dog and gets on well with all dogs of all sizes. He loves to play and his excitement can sometimes be overwhelming. 

He has a lot of pent up energy inside and while he still needs some lead training, he could make for a very good exercise companion if trained. 

Bento gives the best cuddles, makes for a fun and loyal companion and will add the most special memories and some laughs to your life if you are lucky enough to have him. 

He is a lover of water, anything that moves and will never say no to a lick of a spoonful of yoghurt or a slice of apple with peanut butter.