We welcome Beautiful 3 year old Roxy . Roxy is a beautiful active girl who would love an active family to entertain her. Unfortunately Roxy does not like any smaller dogs or cats…… so anything under Knee height is a NO-GO. We are very serious about this and we will not consider any homes with smaller animals. She gets on well with male dogs similar in size to her and loves humans. She wants to be part of her family. She loves running and is the ideal running buddy. She is afraid of thunder and has a habit of jumping. So high walls is a must….. we know it’s a long list but we do believe Roxy has a perfect family out there. Meeting with existing dogs would be recommended. If you meet Roxy’s wish list please contact us to meet this sweet young girl. 

In the words of her family :Roxy is a very special dog. She is such a cuddle bug and a pleasure to have in the house. We truly hope that she gets an amazing family that can give her space and the love she deserves.
At home, she is calm and does not mind sleeping while her humans work. Roxy does not chew anything, although she loves to steal food from the counter, but hey which GSP does not? She loves to cuddle but is a mini heater so do not cover her whole body under the blanket. Roxy gets very attached to her bed or kennel.
Although GSPs are not generally guarding dogs Roxy is very sharp. She is the first to notice is there is any danger and you will sleep better at night knowing she is protecting your family.
She is good with children and dogs of similar size. In a park, she anyways prefers running and looking for critters to chase than interacting with other dogs (but watch her is small dogs appear!!)
Roxy does not like small fluffy dogs. She does not like dominant female dogs. She will run out of the gate if not watched.
Her call back has improved, and she eventually comes back with a whistle. If she is tired enough from running away from you, she will be a good running partner for the next 5km. Once recharged you might lose her again. Roxy has very strong hunting instincts so do not even try to compete with that. Her sense of direction is excellent and she will find you where she left you.