Jagger is a stunning 6-year old boy with a love for humans – big and small. 

He hasn’t had formal training, but listens well and loves a good cuddle. He does stalk birds, and then also pretends to have temporarily lost his hearing – like a true GSP!

You can entice him with a game of fetch at any time. Ball = life, as far as Jagger is concerned. He loves a good swim too. And give him a game of fetch inside the water….DAY MADE! As long as you don’t give him a bath…a guy has to draw the line somewhere!

Jagger gets along with most dogs of all sizes, but meet&greets will be essential, as he can be a bit uncertain about some of his fellow canines.

He needs a home where he can run and be part of a loving family. He is currently in Gauteng, but can travel to wherever his new family is.