Special Tails

Every dog we take into rescue has their own unique story and is very close to our hearts. They are all special in our eyes, however there are a few who were very difficult cases and we would love to share their stories with you.

De Wet

Read De Wet’s story...

16 April 2016

We brought 3 year old De Wet into rescue on 16 April 2016, battered, bruised and shut-down. His whole world was pulled from under him and GSP rescue was his 5th stop in just a few short weeks. He was handed from one family to another together with his female friend. One family decided they didn’t want him, they only wanted the female. He lost his original family, his female friend and everything that ever mattered to him. All these events left him very confused, anxious and very unsure of himself. He did not know what he did wrong and why all these things were happening to him.

We were hoping that there is a special family out there who can give him what he needs right now. We were looking for someone who knows and understands the breed, understands what it takes to work with a dog with separation anxiety and who will help him gain his confidence in himself and in humans. He needed to become a whole GSP again and needed lots of love, patience and understanding, not pity. Dealing with a dog like this is not easy and can be frustrating at times, but each little bit of progress is so very rewarding. To see the light return to their eyes and how they blossom again will be the best experience you will ever have and the love they will give you back will be unlike anything else you have ever known.

25 April 2016

Never in our wildest dreams did we think it would happen for him so soon. We were inundated with calls and messages from people who wanted to give him a home and we will be eternally grateful for the love and caring that he has received from total strangers. When his new mom, Adèl saw his post, he touched a place deep in her heart and she immediately made contact and sent in the application form. We did the meet and greet and it exceeded all our expectations. He started getting excited as we turned down the road where his new family lives. I think he knew what was happening. It was love at first sight and the rest is history. De Wet now lives with dad Johan, mom Adèl, GSP sister Klara, JRT brother Jasper and JRT sister Jackie. We couldn’t be happier for him.

Thank you to his foster mom, Ingrid, for taking such good care of him for the week. We don’t know what we would have done without you. To the vet team of Muldersdrift Animal Clinic, a big thank you for the medical care and love you gave him.

Johan and Adel Teessen, we are humbled and have no words to express our deepest gratitude toward you for opening your hearts and home to De Wet. May you have many happy years together and may he bring you the love and joy that only a rescue dog can bring.

From all of us at GSP Rescue SA.

  • Upon intake, before adoption

  • Upon intake, before adoption

  • Upon intake, before adoption

  • Upon intake, before adoption

  • Upon intake, before adoption

  • 26 April 2016, adoption day, meeting his new family

  • 26 April 2016, adoption day, meeting his new family

  • 26 April 2016, adoption day, meeting his new family

  • 26 April 2016, adoption day, meeting his new family

  • 26 April 2016, adoption day, meeting his new family

  • De Wet’s JR brother and sister

  • De Wet’s new GSP sister

  • Investigating his new kingdom

  • His first drink of water in his new home

  • Are you my new mom?

  • De Wet and mom Adel

  • 26 April 2016, adoption day, meeting his new family

  • Are you my new dad?

  • De Wet and his new dad

  • De Wet and his new dad

  • De Wet and his new dad getting acquainted

  • De Wet loves his new mom

  • De Wet loves his new mom

  • De Wet loves his new mom

  • 26 April 2016, adoption day, saying thank you and goodbye to the GSP Rescue SA team

  • 26 April 2016, adoption day, saying thank you and goodbye to the GSP Rescue SA team

  • 26 April 2016, adoption day, saying thank you and goodbye to the GSP Rescue SA team

  • October 2017. De Wet is a big brother and guardian to his new little human


Read Chokka’s story...

7 July 2016

4 year old Chokka was surrendered to us in a shocking state. He suffered bite wounds from an attack by a Boerboel and they were left untreated for a week. He was severely dehydrated, very thin and his wounds were oozing puss and blood. As soon as we took him in, we rushed him to the vet and he was put on a life saving drip straight away. On Wednesday morning his wounds were cleaned and stitched up. When we visited him on Wednesday evening, he was so shut down and hardly showed any emotion. We visited again and took him some delicious chicken which Tine-Marie brought. He devoured it and smacked his lips for more. We then got some kisses and a tailwag as reward. The vet says had we waited another day, it would have been too late to save him. He was finally discharged after a few days and we put some meat on those bones, worked on building up his muscle tone and got some shine back in his coat. Chokka was placed in foster care while we worked on finding him his forever home.

15 July 2016

After less than a week in his foster home, Chokka got adopted by the amazing Williams family.

To say that Chokka has landed his bum in the butter, is an understatement. He is loved and cherished beyond measure.


Read Mauser’s story...

1 July 2017

This is a story that we have waited exactly 334 days to write.

Mauser is a GSP who we picked up on 30 July 2016 from his previous home as unwanted. He was the dog closest to TOTAL shut down that we have ever seen and worked with.

Well, actually, the magnificent work was ALL done by a wonderful angel Cherilee Watson who works for Boavida Dog Training and is part of Matthew Berry’s team.

After just wanting to lie in his kennel for some time, Mauser slowly started to discover his inner GSP and built confidence, day-by-day. Little step by little step. We knew that his forever home will come and we knew it would have to be a very special home. He was still wary of touch but was basically untouchable in the beginning.

But Mauser was happy to be in the kennel, happy to have his Cheri and made many doggy friends during his stay. He specifically had some wonderful Border Collie friends and at a stage we actually think he was thinking he is a BC:-)

Then, one day, on 20 May it happened. Melody and Krishan Govender came to the kennel to meet some dogs. We brought out dogs that we thought might be a match (Melody was ready to load them all in the car) and lastly we just “let them meet” Mauser. Later the day came the call. It was Mauser!!!!!!!!

They spent hours at the kennel over more than a month to get to know him, and brought the recently adopted Lab Jade with, armed with bags of peanut butter, chews, and toys.

On Friday, they picked up Mauser and took him home.

He is settling better than expected. Loves having people around all the time, love his own soft bed. Jade wants to play, Mauser is taking in the new experiences. Mom and Dad did an excellent job!!

The list of people to thank in this case is long….. So much has been done for this special boy.
Cheri – no amount of thanks and gratitude will ever be enough.
Johnny – Cheri’s dad that stepped in to walk Mauser when Cheri was not there. They also formed a special bond.
Shereena – Cheri’s mom, also stepping in to look after Mauser and walked kilometers with Cheri and Mauser over the year.
Matthew and all the other staff of Boavida – you gave Mauser a kennel and a safe place to be kept.
Rolien and Hendri – so many visits, so many interactions and encouragement to him.
Bolt and Snowflake for being Mauser‘s collie friends, showing him how to be a dog.
His financial sponsor for the last two months.
Melody, Krish and Jade for your commitment and patients leading up to Friday and ongoing and for being his new family!!!!

Well done Mauser aka Mouse, we are proud of you and so incredibly happy for you.


Read Rolo’s story...

October 2016

5 Year old Rolo was surrendered to rescue in October 2016. According to his previous owner, he had no known health issues. When we took him for vetting and neutering, it was discovered that he in fact has Osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) in his right shoulder. OCD is a painful joint disease that affects shoulders, elbows, and knees. This affected his mobility and caused a lot of pain. We explored non-surgical treatment, but sadly, that did not do the trick for Rolo. He required surgery by a specialist vet and intensive rehab afterward. The specialist vet was not sure that it was in fact OCD in his shoulder and suggested a scope to see exactly what the problem is. It turned out that Rolo’s bicep muscle has torn off the bone. Rolo‘s surgery took place at the Johannesburg Specialist Veterinary Centre and he was moved to Doggy Paddle for his rehab thereafter. While he was recovering we did everything in our power to find Rolo his forever home. We were positive that he will make a full recovery. Several fundraisers and generous donations helped us to pay for his surgery and 8 week rehab at Doggy Paddle.

Precious Rolo started his hydrotherapy and he did so incredibly well. He loved the underwater treadmill. Alison and her amazing staff at Doggy Paddle took such good care of him and we cannot thank them enough for that. We knew he was in good, capable hands. Rolo also had daily visits from Lianie Dalby and she brought him all kinds of treats. He said it makes his day when he saw her.

9 April 2017

Rolo flew to Cape Town to his new family. He is now living the good life with his new mom, dad and Cocker Spaniel sister.

  • Rolo’s freedom ride

  • Rolo’s freedom ride

  • Safe and happy in his foster home

  • Celebrating Christmas in his foster home

  • Rolo loves ballgames

  • Those eyes will melt any heart

  • Saying goodbye to Dr Dave from Ruimsig Vet Clinic and hello to the staff and Johannesburg Specialist Vet.

  • Rolo after his surgery in rehab at Doggy Paddle

  • Rolo after his surgery in rehab at Doggy Paddle

  • Rolo after his surgery in rehab at Doggy Paddle

  • The staff at Doggy Paddle adored him

  • Looking very dapper with his shirt on

  • Checking in at BidAir Pet Lounge for his flight to Cape Town where he will join his new family

  • Checking in at BidAir Pet Lounge for his flight to Cape Town where he will join his new family

  • Rolo turned into a real beach bum

Watch Rolo’s Youtube video here


Read Choe’s story...

30 October 2016

Chloe was taken to a vet to be put to sleep by her previous owner. We were contacted on a Friday evening and Tine-Marie fetched her. Chloe is about 1 year old and she is much smaller than a 1 year old should be. She also has a deformed front leg, either from an old injury that went untreated or from a birth defect. We needed to have her vetted to determine that. What we did know about her is that whatever she lacked in size and physical perfection, she certainly made up for in personality. She stole hearts since her arrival. She loved being around people, children in particular. We believed she would make an awesome family companion to a family who did not mind that she is not physicality perfect.

She went to meet a fantastic foster family, but they were not only fosters. Her foster dad is a medical orthotist and prosthetist and made a brace for her deformed leg that will help her. Her foster family helped us to get to know her better so that we could find her the perfect home.

December 2016

Little Chloe left the care of GSP Rescue SA to join her new family. A BIG shoutout goes to the Scheepers family, her foster parents, who took such good care of her, gave her the love that she deserved and had the courage to let her go to her new home. We can never thank you enough. To the vet nurse who refused to put Chloe to sleep, thank you. Chloe owes her life to you. To the Du Plessis family, we don’t have words to express our gratitude to you for opening your hearts and home to Chloe. Go well, sweet girl, we know you are loved.

  • Chloe on her first day in rescue

  • Day 1 and she is already cuddling

  • Such a happy little girl

  • At her foster home

  • Chewing on a treat

  • Chloe with her new GSP brother

  • Chloe in her new home

  • She even has her own special bed

  • Chloe in her new home


Read Alice’s story...

22 June 2017

We were alerted to Alice’s situation by an animal welfare worker. She negotiated Alice’s surrender and successfully got her away from the hell she was living in.

We were at a loss for words when we took Alice into rescue. She was sold by her original owner for R100 to the people who nearly starved her to death. She didn’t even have a name and we named her Alice.

She weighed 12kgs, which for a 4 year old female GSP is half of what she should weigh. and she is 4 years old. She spent weeks at the vet to get rid of tapeworm, put on some weight and have her pneumonia taken care of. She ate the Hills soft food we gave her as if it was her last meal.

She was a sorry sight, would not allow us to touch her and preferred being on her own. You see, she was kicked and beaten when she came close to the other dogs’ food. She was not allowed to eat, yet the other dogs on the property were fat and healthy looking dogs.

We were absolutely overwhelmed with messages, home offers and people wanting to know how they can help with Alice. The donations poured in, which helped pay her vetbill. She received gifts from all over South Africa. Beds, blankets, jackets, treats, a beautiful handmade leather collar, you name it and she got it. 

People visited her at the vet and she got so much love and she gave so much back in return.

Alice grew stronger everyday and put on weight. She made lots of human and canine friends during her stay at the vet. She even had a bestie called Queen. They were inseparable and shared a cozy bed at night.

6 August 2017

Alice was finally ready for adoption and joined her new family. We were happy, yet sad to see her go. She had and still has a very special place in our hearts. Her parents have since adopted a GSP sister from us for Alice to play with.

Alice continues to thrive with her family and they absolutely dote over her.

If there is one story that makes rescue worthwhile, then it is Alice’s story.

  • Alice on the day we fetched her. We knew she was bad, but did not expect it to be this bad.

  • She was so frail and thin.

  • We were in tears seeing her like this. It was as if she had given up.

  • Safe and sound in the car on the way to the vet. Her eyes really showed how broken she was.

  • Dr Dave examining her. He has seen some cases, but was still horrified at how bad she was.

  • We were with her all the way

  • She needed all the love and comfort she could get.

  • No dog should ever look like this. It was shocking.

  • A walking skeleton

  • She hardly had the strength to walk

  • She would walk a few steps and then lie down to rest

  • She finally found a little spot in the sun where she could just be

  • No words

  • Winning her confidence was difficult and took a while. She eventually came for some cuddles.

  • Safe in the arms of the GSP Whisperer

  • She was completely relaxed as long as you didn’t make any sudden movements

  • Alice gained a few kilos and her tail started wagging non-stop

  • Better already. She enjoyed being outside and having company

  • Learning to sit for her treats

  • Such a clever girl

  • Look how beautiful she is now that she has put on some weight

  • Waiting for some treats

  • Alice’s freedom ride to meet her new family

  • The world is a new place for her

  • Alice meeting her new family

  • At her new home

  • Alice and her new Lab sister

  • September 2018. She is hardly the same girl she was a bit more than a year ago.

  • Such a happy face

  • Alice and her newly adopted GSP sister, Trace, who is also a GSP Rescue SA alum

Watch Alice’s Youtube video here


Ollie’s story is coming soon


Jock’s story coming soon


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